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Tax for medical professionals

Recent changes in legislation has now opened opportunities for Doctors to save Tax by incorporating their Practices into Limited Companies.

  • Reduce Tax liabilities by using the lower rate of Corporation Tax of 20% and savings on National Insurance.

  •  Tax Planning Opportunities on the sale of the Practice to the Limited Company.

  •  Special Rules also apply for the provision of Pension for the doctors and employees.

  •  Limit your liabilities.

We can help you in

  •  Incorporation

  •  Tax mitigation

  •  Ongoing compliance (accounts, tax returns & payroll)

  •  Expenses claim

  •  Tax codes

  •  Tax relief for equipment 

  •  Pension

  •  Inheritance tax

Whilst we are based in the Essex, we act for doctors and dentists all over the country, communicating with clients by email, phone, post, face to face meetings, or texts – whatever each individual client prefers.

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